Sit back and relax with Suburban Maid’s Home Cleaning service. To keep your home in good condition we recommend a weekly or fortnightly cleaning service.

    What Services Can Be Included In Suburban Maid’s Home Cleaning?

    • Mopping Hard Floors
    • Vacuuming Internal Floors
    • Surface Dusting
    • Kitchen Cleaning Inc: countertop, sink, wiping cabinets & outer appliances
    • Bathroom Sanitisation Cleaning Inc: sink, toilet, taps, mirrors, shower/ bath
    • Laundry Sink & Bench Top Cleaning
    • Living Areas & Bedroom Cleaning
    • Dusting Shutters & Skirting Boards
    • We Provide Cleaning Equipment & Supplies
    We understand that everyone has different cleaning needs.To discuss yours contact us on: 0461 344 061 .

    Feel more organised with Suburban Maid's Home Organising services. Let us do the work that you don't have time for.

    What jobs can suburban maid do for you?

    • Cleaning & Organising Pantry
    • Cleaning & Organising Refrigerator
    • Organising & Tidying Wardrobes
    • Folding & Hanging Clothes
    • Decluttering & Sorting Toys
    • Tidying Linen Cupboard
    • Organising Kitchen Cupboards
    Contact us on: 0461 344 061 to discuss your home organising needs. Prices are based on an hourly rate.